EU Releases This Week: May 28-June 4, 2010

darkhorsedelrey This week was a slow week for us Star Wars EU fans.  With nothing on the Dark Horse side of things, Scholastic treats us to the early adventures of Han Solo and his copilot Chewbacca in a new series by Ryder Windham entitled Adventures in Hyperspace.  The first book of the series; Fire Ring Race, shows that before they were dodging Tie Fighters for the Rebellion, Han and Chewie eked out a living transporting cargo.  When Jabba the Hutt requires them to secure a package awaiting on Fornax Station, they find that the package isn't all that's in store for them... The second book in the Hyperspace Adventure series debuted the same day as the first. Entitled Shinbone Showdown, this story has Han and Chewie seeking out easier jobs from Jabba. Mighty Jabba sends them to the mining world Shinbone for a quick pick up and delivery operation, but once more the two discover how much 'WORK' it can be to be in Jabba's employ. Adventures in Hyperspace: Fire Ring RaceAdventures in Hyperspace: Shinbone Showdown

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Adventures in Hyperspace #1: Fire Ring Race Adventures in Hyperspace #2: Shinbone Showdown

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