Blood of the Empire #4 is online!

Blood of the Empire

Teneb Kel begins his quest to find the Emperor's apprentice and learn the reason she betrayed her master. But a war-torn galaxy isn't always friendly toward Sith, and without a squad of Imperial soldiers to back him up, Teneb must rely on his wits and his lightsaber for protection. Also: what role does the Republic play in Exal Kressh's machinations?

The latest issue in the ongoing free webcomic series set in The Old Republic time frame; Blood of the Empire #4 is now available online. Alexander Freed picks things up where issue #3 left off. Teneb Kel's quest to hunt down the Sith Emperor's apprentice leads him to the Baron-Surgeon Yabban the Hutt for answers. While Kel's mission draws him closer to his target, the Jedi must question the honesty behind Exal Kressh's seeming betrayal. The end of this issue raises questions galore! Stay tuned as the Blood of the Empire story continues to unfold.

Source: via TF.N

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