Rostoni Titles Eighth FOTJ Novel

Leave it to Lucas Licensing executive editor Sue Rostoni to come back from a vacation with a bang!  She wastes no time bringing news to the masses.  This week we discover the title of the 8th Fate of the Jedi (FOTJ) novel by Christie Golden.  Titled Ascension this will be Golden's last FOTJ novel in the series.  Sue's post on the VIP boards at even had some playful teasing of things that may or may not come in the story:

We have a title for Christie Golden's Fate of the Jedi novel, book 8: STAR WARS: FATE OF THE JEDI: ASCENSION So is this the book where Jaina and Jag get together? Rock on.
What does it all mean?  Well the only thing safe to say is that the title is chosen, and odds are good that Jaina and Jag will still be a part of the series.  One things for sure, at number 8 in the series, the book should be pretty intense.  You can bet that soon we'll have some covers being sent our way, with Vortex coming out this December 7th, and we still have not seen the final back cover for that one.  So stay tuned as we bring you more on this as the details come forth! Source:

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