Comic Releases for September 2010

Dark Horse Comics Dark Horse Comics has released their Star Wars line up for September! September 1st marks the re-release of John Ostrander and Jan Duursema's 28 page Star Wars: Legacy #1. As part of a marketing promotion to draw readers to the Legacy story, you can buy this copy for $1! Witness the future of Star Wars EU, as an army of Sith push the Jedi to the brink of extinction, an Emperor is betrayed, a Skywalker falls, and the Empire has Knights! A lot has changed since Luke became a Jedi Master. How has his order prevailed? Check out Star Wars: Legacy and find out! Keep reading for the rest of the September comics! Also out on the first comes the third issue of the Old Republic: The Threat of Peace.  This is the same Threat of Peace found online.  It's being collected in both the single issue and later the Trade Paperback formats for the comic collectors out there. Haven't had enough Fett this year? Come the 29th Star Wars: Blood Ties - A tale of Jango and Boba Fett continues with number two of four. The story is set in both the past and present. What could trouble one of the galaxy's most dangerous men?  You'll have to wait to see! While Jango's actions in the past reverberate with the reader, Boba in the present has donned the Mandalorian Armor and his father's mantle of fearsome killer.  He ends up taking a mission that may change the way he looks at his father's memory... Stay tuned as the Fett family's tale is brought to light. Also on the 29th, Star Wars: Invasion: Rescues #4 of 6 hits comic stands. Will the mystery about Finn be revealed?  He will learn a secret about his mother that will change the way he thinks about things...Can it be more cryptic? With two more issues after this one, you can bet that the story is about to get intense! Source:

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