Lucasarts Laysoff Employees, Projects Rumored

According to the video game site Kotaku, Lucasarts has laid of 50-100 employees. While the company is a little "short-staffed," it is still healthy, according to spokeswoman Margaret Grohne, although outside help for games is something they will likely need. All information regarding the lay-offs and who they have effected can be found here. Along with the lay-offs came "ex-Lucasarts personal" spilling the beans about projects. What projects? Well, according to Total Video Games and Kotaku, the major one is that Bioware and Lucasarts project is in fact Kotor 3 and it is a MMO. The revealing hasn't stopped there, however, as games including Battlefront 3 (probably in development at Free Radical Design), and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which was recently "announced," were also mentioned by these so-called LA staffers. No official confirmation beyond that fact of the lay-offs have been made. These games should be assumed as rumored (besides Star Wars: The Clone Wars) and have not been confirmed yet. We will keep you updated with this, but please, don't get your hopes up. We are not expecting Lucasarts to comment and Bioware will likely deny it, even if it is true due to the contract between the two companies.

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