Lucasarts to stop internal development of games ?

Right on the heels of learning that Lucasarts laid off one hundred employees, Shack News is now reporting that one hundred more will be laid off after the releases of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, according to sources close to Lucasarts. These sources are also telling them the reason is because Lucasarts will no longer be developing games, but publishing them only and using other companies for development, effectively outsourcing. More information and theories regrading this massive company structure change can be found here. UPDATE: In response to Shack News' original report, Margaret Grohne of Lucasarts said,  "We're committed to our internal studio. We're working on the next Indiana Jones game internally." When asked if this commitment extends to future efforts, Grohne responded, "I'm not going to comment on projects we have not announced." As to whether LucasArts will begin focusing more on externally-developed projects, Grohne noted, "We've always had a good balance between the internal studio and working with external partners. Expect that to continue."  Guess we'll have to wait and see what this means for Lucasarts games in the future... Source: Shack News (via)

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