The Sixth Blood of the Empire is out!

Blood of the EmpireNo you have not traveled into the future.  The second issue of The Old Republic: Blood of the Empire's second arc has arrived early! [Free webcomic] This sixth webcomic of the series is following the pattern set by the last few issues,  a pattern of bafflement and confrontations.  What has the Sith Emperor done to Exal Kreesh exactly?!  And how does her betrayal effect the ever changing landscape between the Jedi and the Sith?  You'll have to keep reading to know.

Teneb Kel fights for his life as Lenico Colony Blue collapses around him. The Emperor's apprentice has proven vastly more powerful than anyone realized--it will take all Teneb's skills and resources to survive, let alone complete his mission. But can he rely on his closest ally in his moment of need, or will he face betrayal?

How will Kel recover after his defeat at the hands of the Emperor's former apprentice?  Will he continue to seek her out, or will he go to his Emperor in disgrace?  One thing is for certain in this comic, and that is the fact that the Sith are driving the story so far.  So sit back and enjoy the ride!


About the Author

Mark Hurliman is a writer and news reporter for EUCantina. He joined the website in 2010, around the same time that he became a host of our official podcast, EUCast. Mark's status as a "defender of the EU" has made him a popular guest on various Star Wars podcasts. He lives in Oregon with his wife and two children. Mark's favorite Star Wars novel is Star by Star, but he has had the pleasure of reading nearly every existing Star Wars novel or comic.