Christopher Lee’s Voice In The Clone Wars?

sith.jpg Our good friends over at Galactic- Voyage are reporting that that Christopher Lee has lended his vocal talents to his character of Count Dooku for The Clone Wars. They were tipped off by this message on the actor's site by an Administrator: "Mr. Lee has recorded the voice of Count Dooku for this movie a couple of months ago. It was however, the first time he had to lip synch to a character because they had produced the animation before recording his voice." Currently, it's not confirmed by Lucasfilm (although our friend Mike is working very hard with that), but it wouldn't be surprising as actors Anthony Daniels and Samuel Jackson are slated to return for voicing their respective characters, C-3P0 and Mace Windu. We'll keep you updated! Big thanks to Mike for letting us know! Source: Galactic-Voyage

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