Knight Errant Comic Series Detailed, Dated

sw-tm1Since its announcement in February of this year, the upcoming Knight Errant comic series has been a bit mysterious. We knew it would take place before slightly Darth Bane's life, Kotor scribe John Jackson Miller would be penning it, and it would revolve around the adventures of Kerra Holt, a Jedi in the mist of much chaos. Now, thanks to MTV's Splash Page, we know more. In an exclusive first look/interview, the comic site gave a few images, details, and facts about the upcoming series. First and foremost, the comic series will debut on October 13, 2010. The cover of the first issue will have two versions, both which can be seen here, and will feature Kerra Holt. Be sure to read the entire interview/preview with writer John Jackson Miller here, as well as check out Mr. Miller discussing Knight Errant in his entire interview with "The EU Review." There will also be a novel, entitled Knight Errant, using Kerra Holt but telling a brand new story in between comic arcs, which hits February 22, 2011. Source:

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