Information Regarding Luke Skywalker: Last Hope for the Galaxy

                                                           According to editor Randy Stradley, the cover you see above is the the new and final cover for the upcoming Trade Paperback "Luke Skywalker: Last Hope for the Galaxy." It was done by long-time Star Wars artist Adam Hughes. Mr. Stradley also told us the content of the graphic novel itself, which includes: “Luke Skywalker’s Walkabout” -- Dark Horse Presents Annual 1999 “Falling Star” -- Tales #15 “The Day After the Death Star” -- Marvel UK Star Wars #97-99 “The Return of Ben Kenobi” -- Classic Star Wars #10-11 “Crucible” -- Marvel Star Wars #17 “General Skywalker” -- Empire #26-27 “The Wrong Side of the War” -- Empire #36-40 “My Brother, My Enemy” -- Rebellion #1-5 “Riders in the Void” -- Marvel Star Wars #38 “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” “Shira’s Story” -- Marvel Star Wars #60-63 “Duel With a Dark Lady” -- Marvel Star Wars #95-97 “Dark Empire” “The Boy I Once Was” -- Chewbacca #4 Fans may notice that some of these are comics that are either rare to find or haven't been released in years which is very cool. You can catch all these titles when Luke Skywalker: Last Hope for the Galaxy hits comic stands everywhere October 15, 2008 for $95.95. Source: Dark Horse (via)

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