EU Releases This Week: A look forward: July 9th- 16th


This week (July 9th- 16th) we have no EU book or comic releases. Unless you've managed to find a copy of The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance which isn't scheduled to come out for another week. So with that thought we look forward to October, courtesy of

It appears that our theory about The Old Republic comic line was correct. As the Threat of Peace story arc ends, the comic line will continue right into Blood of the Empire. Both webcomic series end up being 3 issues in length, typically collecting 8-9 webcomics per issue. John Jackson Miller's comic Knight Errant will kick off its first story arc entitled "Aflame"; Kerra Holt's adventure begins this October so don't forget to check it out!

Boba Fett discovers his father left a legacy for another? You'll want to check out Blood Ties 3 (of 4) to know more!   Invasion Rescues 5 (of 6) continues to heat up as Finn and his sister Kaye learn some very unsettling truths about the Yuuzhan Vong war. Finn himself has been having a rough week it would seem. The Clone Wars Comic digest line continues with The Deadly Hands of Shon-Ju. Aayla Secura's covert mission is disrupted when she runs into former Padawan-turned-cult-leader Shon-Ju. And just when you thought you knew what the next Omnibus was going to be, we get a curve ball! Don't expect to see A Long Time Ago vol. 3 yet; the powers that be decided to shift things about a bit - something they've been doing a lot this week- and have decided to make Quinlan Vos the star of this next edition in the Omnibus line.  It also looks like this Omnibus might have some never before collected material in it.

Click the jump for the latest synopsis of these upcoming comic projects:

Star Wars: The Old Republic #4 -- Blood of the Empire Part 1 (of 3) Written by Alexander Freed, Pencils by Dave Ross, Inks by Mark McKenna, Colors by Michael Atiyeh; Cover by Benjamin Carré On sale October 6. 40 pages. After hundreds of years, the Sith Empire has returned to the galaxy, determined to crush the Republic that sent them into exile. For young Sith Teneb Kel, it is his only chance to rise above his lowly beginnings as a slave and prove his worth to the Dark Council. Yet their mission for him is unexpected. He will not hunt Jedi, but rather, a fellow Sith -- the Emperor's apprentice!

Star Wars: Knight Errant -- Aflame #1 (of 5) Written by John Jackson Miller, Art by Federico Dallocchio, Colors by Michael Atiyeh; Cover by Joe Quinones; Inks by Mark Kenna; Cover by Dave Ross On sale October 13; 40 pages

More than one thousand years before Luke Skywalker, a dark age grips the galaxy as an ineffectual Republic abandons entire systems to Sith control. A newly knighted Jedi on her first mission, eighteen-year-old Kerra Holt has joined a band of Jedi volunteers traveling deep behind enemy lines, with no support from the Republic and little chance of survival. She thinks she is prepared for anything. She's wrong.

John Jackson Miller is also writing a Knight Errant novel for Del Rey starring Kerra Holt in an original adventure! See her here first!

Star Wars: Blood Ties -- A Tale of Jango and Boba Fett #3 (of 4) Written by Tom Taylor; Art and cover by Chris Scalf On sale October 27. 40 pages.

Boba Fett has discovered that his father left a legacy to someone Boba has never heard of. He manages to track down the man, but if he is to learn the reasons behind Jango's posthumous generosity, Boba Fett must first save the man from an army of bounty hunters who want the guy's head!

Star Wars: Invasion -- Rescues #5 (of 6) Written by Tom Taylor; Art by Colin Wilson; Colors by Wes Dzioba; Cover by Jo Chen On sale October 27. 40 pages.

Kaye Galfridian has taken command of a New Republic army, but her first mission has forced her to fight against some of the very refugees she has come to rescue! Mutated by Yuuzhan Vong bioengineering, the refugees have become monstrous killing machines who can only be "saved" by death.

Meanwhile, on their homeworld of Artorias, Kaye's brother Finn must deal with death on another level, unaware that he has become the enemy's objective in a new front in the Yuuzhan Vong invasion!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars -- Deadly Hands of Shon-Ju Written by Jeremy Barlow, Art by Brian Koschak, Colors by Ronda Pattison On sale December 15th; 80 pages digest-sized trade paperback

Behind enemy lines, Jedi Knight Aayla Secura's covert mission is threatened by an encounter with Shon-Ju -- a former Padawan turned cult leader. Shon-Ju claims to be after the same Separatist warlord that Aayla was sent to capture, but he also has plenty of reasons to hate the Republic and the Jedi.

The Force is with Aayla, but she may need more than her lightsaber against "The Deadly Hands of Shon-Ju!"

Star Wars Omnibus: Quinlan Vos -- Jedi in Darkness Written by John Ostrander and Pat Wills, Art by Jan Duursema, Davidé Fabbri, Ramon F. Bachs, Christian Dalla Vecchia, Guy Major and others On sale December 22. 504 pages.

From his first appearance as a mind-wiped amnesiac to his triumphant passage to the rank of Jedi Master, few Jedi had more brushes with the powers of the dark side and the evil of the underworld than Quinlan Vos. This volume includes over 120 pages of story that have never been collected, plus the introduction of Jedi Aayla Secura -- who made the jump from the pages of the comics to appearances in the films Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Stay tuned, we'll report more as details about these project become available! Invasion: Rescues 5 (of 6) Knight Errant: Aflame 1 (of 5)Variant cover Knight Errant: Aflame 1 (of 5) Omnibus: Quinlan Vos: Jedi in Darkness Clone Wars: the Deadly Hands of Shon-Ju (comic digest) TOR: Blood of the Empire 1 (of 3) Blood Ties 3 (of 4)


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