Latest Blood of the Empire is out!

Blood of the EmpireThe Old Republic: Blood of the Empire continues with Arc 2; The Broken World. The seventh issue of the ongoing webcomic shifts to a slower pace. More questions for the readers, but that also means more answers to come!

Still reeling from his defeat at the hands of Exal Kressh, Teneb Kel follows the Sith Emperor's former apprentice to the ash covered surface of Lenico. What does the planet hold for Kressh? You'll have to wait to see. This issue is obviously building up the story for something big. The question on everyone's mind is: what?

Teneb Kel finds himself beaten and bloodied in the aftermath of the Lenico colony's destruction. Trapped on a strange planet, he must draw upon the ancient Sith arts in order to ensure his survival--and to learn the secrets he needs to resume his vendetta against Exal Kressh.

This story is definitely more mysterious than many Star Wars comics that have come before it. And it's FREE!  But don't worry- if you'd rather not read a free webcomic, you can always wait a few months; this arc will be featured at some point as a "print" in the new The Old Republic line by Dark Horse Comics. Stay tuned for more!


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