Eight New Star Wars Comic Series Scheduled for 2011

Randy Stradley, editor at Dark Horse, has announced that 2011 will see the release of eight new Star Wars comic series. Speaking at the San Diego Comic-Con, Stradley said that most of the series will be revealed at Celebration 5. He was able to unveil one of the eight today; Hayden Blackmen (who is currently working on the graphic novel for The Force Unleashed II) will be writing a series focusing on Darth Vader.
Stradley said Blackman will be writing a Darth Vader series. "It chronicles one of Vader's greatest failures ever," the editor said. Vader then lit up his lightsaber and choked Stradley using The Force.
Dark Horse will be celebrating 20 years of Star Wars comics next year. Source: Comic Book Resources (via Club Jade)

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