SoloSound: New Releases: July 16th- 23rd

solosound Greetings EUCantina! Once more, proudly presents this week's new releases for your listening pleasure.

EUCast hosts Riley & Mark hit the dead Bantha once more with details yet again about Imperial Commando 2's cancellation. They look to the future of both the novels and comics, as well as that Dramatis Personae in the front of your favorite Star Wars book. Pawel Trawinski of the Galactic HoloFeed once more joins the guys as they decide the future of the NEXT Sith Order in their latest Great Debate Segment.  The Random Fandom segment is back and focuses on one of EUCantina's own: Mara Jade Skywalker, and her "Make the Connection" inspired FanVideo – Jaina & Jacen-- Solo.

Meanwhile The EU Review Duo of Butler & Lupi release their latest episode, where they focus on Jason Fry's The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia, as well as Karen Miller's Clone Wars Gambit: Siege, and the first of the "A Long Time Ago..." series in Omnibus form.  And more!

So click a link and come on over to SoloSound to check out the Star Wars podcast action! This week covers July 16th- 23rd: EUCast #94: A Day Late and a Dollar Short The EU Review: Episode 7 Source:

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Mark Hurliman is a writer and news reporter for EUCantina. He joined the website in 2010, around the same time that he became a host of our official podcast, EUCast. Mark's status as a "defender of the EU" has made him a popular guest on various Star Wars podcasts. He lives in Oregon with his wife and two children. Mark's favorite Star Wars novel is Star by Star, but he has had the pleasure of reading nearly every existing Star Wars novel or comic.