Star Wars Weekends: Behind the Force Video Coverage

On Friday, the EUCantina sent staff to cover Disney Star Wars Weekends. Coverage will include several exclusive videos and images. The videos and images will be released during the remainder of the weekend. To start, we bring you video of the Behind the Force special, which was hosted by Steve Sansweet, for this weekend only. The following video includes Steve's entire speech, along with an introduction of Anakin's apprentice. During the time when video was played at Behind the Force, taping was not allowed. However, most of the video came from Star and other Internet sources. The real treat of the event was hearing Mr. Sansweet, who is as much a fan as everyone else, discuss the Clone Wars and The Force Unleashed. The first version is standard quality for faster streaming and downloading. The second version is 720p HD, which requires a high-speed connection. The latest QuickTime plugins are required to play these videos. Click here for the 720p HD version. WARNING: This file is 350MB in size and may take a while to download and play.

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