Paul S. Kemp Provides Riptide Teaser

Paul S. Kemp has posted an excerpt of Crosscurrent's upcoming sequel, Riptide, on his blog. It's just the first few sentences, and a rough draft at that, but it's still enough to get us speculating! Check it out here and below!
Jaden kneeled, a penitent at prayer, as blood leaked from his temple and the shrieks of an alarm rose and fell in time with the lurid flashes of overhead lights.  He swallowed, put a hand to his head, felt the blood, the small hole there.  The rapid flashes made his movements appear herky-jerky, not his own, the stop-starts of a marionette in unpracticed hands. His body ached.  His head felt as if someone had driven a nail into it. And he had no idea where he was.
Riptide is due out July 26, 2011. Source: Paul S. Kemp's Blog

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