Sue Rostoni Confirms Darth Plagueis Novel

Earlier today NJOE reported a book listing for Star Wars: Darth Plagueis in a sales database. While this could not be considered official, speculation arose that this could be the replacement novel for Imperial Commando II that Sue Rostoni mentioned previously. I went to the message boards and asked Sue if she could comment on the listing. Here's her response:
Yes, apparently a database has leaked this upcoming hardcover that will follow Palpatine's rise to powerand his Master, Plagueis. "Not Yet Published" should have read: "Not Yet Announced." :( However, this is not the IC#2 replacement book, but something that we've been working toward for some time now. No, I don't have the manuscript yet. Enjoy the anticipation!
Thanks for answering Sue! The listing sets the Plagueis novel for a February 28th, 2012 release. Source: Forums

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