TFU Comes Early to one Gamer-UPDATED

This from our friend Mike over at TF.N: From our friend “Master Devwi”: is a popular site that tracks what you play on your Xbox 360 and “blogs” about it. (See this example.) The site has lots of statistics for Xbox 360 games based on the data from registered users. Yesterday, what looks like the final version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was played for the first time on an Xbox 360 (on a registered user’s account). PexCorrh has the honor of being the first gamer to play TFU on! Click here to check it out! Note: According to PexCorrh’s gamer profile, he lives in San Francisco, CA. Sounds like he is a LucasArts employee to me. Note #2: Games that show up on are usually the final version of the game.” That’s so awesome!  Some of us aren’t so lucky, so we’ll have to wait until September 16, when Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is unleashed upon us. We contacted our friend over at Lucasarts Adam Kahn about the gamer being from Lucasarts and he told us: "Yeah, standard stuff - part of debugging and testing here.  That's a LucasArts employee. " So, while it wasn't a gamer, it's good to know that Lucasarts is trying hard to make this game the best experience possible.


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