EU Releases This Week: July 23rd- 29th

darkhorsedelrey Welcome back to the new Jedi Order era! There might not be much this week, but what little there is has an impact! Star Wars: Invasion: Rescues #3 (of 6) continues where #2 left off; the Solo twins along with Finn have made their way to the King's hidden base, but are they too late? Meanwhile Kaye Galfridian finds herself leading a ragtag army set on rescuing prisoners taken by the Yuuzhan Vong. One thing is clear by the end of this issue - one of the Galfridian siblings IS too late! Here's a look at the synopsis for Invasion: Rescues #3: Invasion: Rescues #3 (of 6)

Two armies have joined forces for a dangerous rescue mission. Both have experience fighting the Yuuzhan Vong, but this time the encounter takes an unexpected turn, and more is revealed about their enemy's strange capabilities . . .

Meanwhile, Finn Galfridian and the Solo children race to warn Finn's father that a trusted friend is a deadly enemy!

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