EU Releases This Week: July 30- August 6th

darkhorsedelrey Welcome back from the flight to Endor! This week's rundown picks up with Blood of the Empire #8.  The continued story of the internal struggles of the Sith Order carries on in the free webcomic line over at, so don't forget to click the link at the bottom and check it out! You can also get more of Threat of Peace collected in print today too!  Hit the jump for more! Here's a look again at the synopsis for Blood of the Empire #8:
Teneb Kel is confronted with a strange and frightening vision of the past, the future, and of his greatest enemy. As he lies broken in the Lenico wasteland, he must seek the truth about Exal Kressh and the Emperor’s goals within his mystical dream–or be utterly destroyed when he returns to reality.
And as The Old Republic line continues, the first webcomic series; Threat of Peace has made its way to print; you can get your copy of #2 today at your local comic shop. Threat of Peace #2 collects 27 great pages of the webcomic line, and the Threat of Peace arc should end with #3, then continue along with Blood of the Empire arc 1 in print. A closer look at this issue of The Old Republic: Threat of Peace reveals:
A peace treaty has been signed, but the galaxy is still at war! The illusion of true peace has been broken by the Sith's open attack on the Galactic Senate and the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Held to the conditions of the signed treaty, the Jedi struggle to shoulder their losses for the good of the galaxy. On a mission to Balmorra, Jedi Satele Shan, Master Orgus, and Lieutenant Tavus will encounter something that will throw them off their course and make their assignment a lot more complicated!

Don't have your copy yet?  Click the link below to get your's today! The Old Republic: Blood of the Empire #8 The Old Republic: Threat of Peace #2

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