The Star Wars Timeline Gold #48 Now Available!

The new "The Star Wars Timeline Gold" cover art, created by William Devereux.

Nathan P. Butler’s Star Wars Timeline Gold, the most comprehensive Star Wars chronology document available anywhere, has just released an updated August 2010 edition. The Star Wars Timeline Gold is the timeline EUCantina endorses as its "official" timeline resource

This new release of the Star Wars Timeline Gold #48 (the project’s 77th overall release since its founding in 1997) features a record breaking 152 pages of new material, bringing the total page count between its three documents (a primary chronology document, a supplement covering the “old” and “new” Clone Wars storylines, and an Appendices document with extra goodies like a timeline of Star Wars publications by release date) to just shy of an astounding 1,900 pages. The new material includes new releases since the last timeline update in July 2009, along with many obscure materials that many fans may never have known existed. All told, this edition includes over 150 new items summarized!

The project was founded in mid-1997 by Nathan P. Butler and helped lead to his experiences writing for Star Wars Tales and assisting with in-universe day-by-day dates for The Essential Atlas.

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