Clone Wars Video Game Information

So, we all knew that Lucasarts was making a video game for "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." But did you know they were making two! That's right, according to IGN the first is a DS hand-held exclusive entitled " Star Wars The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance," it apparently thrusts you into a new storyline branch from the Clone Wars universe and challenges you to use your stylus to wield your deadly lightsaber. Head over to IGN's interview with Lucasarts' Feargus Carroll to learn more about the gameplay and events behind the game. The second game, entitled "Star Wars: The Clone Wars--Lightsaber Duels," is a Nintendo Wii exclusive which allows you to play the duels of the Clone Wars, as seen above, with the Wii-mote. For more, check out this interview on IGN with Krome Studios' Ken Fox here. For more on Wii controls of TCW--Lightsaber Duels, see Iron Fist's post below. To wrap it up, we're going to see two video games for The Clone Wars; one will be based on the movie/series itself (TCW:--Lightsaber Duels), while the other will use the characters but set them in a different story during the Clone Wars (The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance.) Keep your eyes open for more on the two games' official site. Source: IGN (via)

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