War: The Legacy Continues (New Miniseries)

Star Wars: Legacy—War #1 Cover

Dark Horse has announced that the Star Wars: Legacy comic series will continue as a six-issue miniseries; Star Wars: Legacy—War. Star Wars: Legacy, a fan favorite  in the line of Dark Horse Star Wars comic series, is set to end this month. Issue #50 will be released on August 18th, and was thought to bring an end to the stories of Cade Skywalker and Darth Krayt. But ever since the surprising announcement, speculation has been relentless, with several hints that this is not really the end. Hopeful fans can now rejoice! John Ostrander and Jan Duursema will return to work on this new miniseries. MTV has an interview with John and Jan regarding the series; here is an excerpt.
MTV: Do you view "Legacy—War" as the next step in an ongoing storyline? In other words, will this function as a new, lengthy arc that leads to another one, or will "Legacy—War" cap off the story of Cade Skywalker and his friends? OSTRANDER: "Legacy—War" stands alone. I’m making no guarantees that anyone will survive the end of it. That’s usually hype, but readers should take that very very seriously. Could there be a successor? Depends on sales, response, and Dark Horse's plans. However, Jan and I are taking all the stops out in this story. There are no plans for anything "Legacy" after this. That’s how we’re creating it. DUURSEMA: I wish I could say this was the beginning of a series of new "Legacy" stories because I can think of a thousand more stories I would like to tell, but we've plotted "Legacy—War" to be the end of the series. Destruction is the order of the day and it is entirely possible that few will survive. Those who do will be forever changed.
You can read the entire interview on MTVStar Wars: Legacy—War" #1 is set to be released on December 15. Source: Starwars.com

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