EUCantina Sunday Giveaway at Celebration V

If you are attending Star Wars: Celebration V on Sunday, August 15, you will have a chance to win several books and comics, given away by EUCantina. At 12:00, 1:00, and 1:30, EUC staff members will position themselves at different spots in the Orange County Convention Center. The first person to find the staff member will win a comic or book. The prize will be revealed at the specific times on Sunday via the EUCantina Twitter. This post will also be updated at the various times. To assure that you're not too far off when the contest gets going, we've listed the general locations below. We will not reveal the specific location (e.g., on the white bench next to the water fountain) of each prize until the time slot. The EUC member will be wearing a EUCantina shirt, so they should be easy to spot. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and watch EUC on Sunday from 12:00 - 1:30 for the contest! Good luck hunting! Locations:
  • Barnes & Noble booth, 129.
  • Dark Horse Comics booth, 939.
  • Her Universe booth, 1111.

About the Author

Austin Blankenship is the webmaster of EUCantina. He is a host of our official podcast, EUCast, and also founded our sister website, Austin helped turn EUCantina from a forum into a website in 2007, and continues to operate the site and the EUC social media accounts. Austin works as a librarian in a small town above Atlanta, Georgia.