Celebration V: Essential Guides Panel Report

The following is a report from the The Essential Guides panel from Star Wars Celebration V. Information was reported by EUCantina staff from the panel, via Twitter or email. Be ready for more updates as the week continues!
  • Panel featured artists Chris Travis and Chris Reiff, authors Jason Fry, Helen Keir, and Pablo Hildalgo, and editor Erich Schoeneweiss. Author Daniel Wallace had airplane trouble and was unable to attend any panels today.
  • The Essential Guide to Warfare is about halfway done in regards to writing. When audience members were allowed to ask questions, a fan asked Jason Fry (author of Guide to Warfare) if there would be a final count of the military size of the Clone Army. No exact answer given.
  • Jason Fry says Guide to Warfare will give the exact numbers of fighters and pilots in the attack on the first Death Star. He said it could possibly contain the similar information for the Battle of Hoth.
  • There will be a The Essential Guide to Characters.
  • STAY TUNED as the Celebration Five coverage continues!
Source: @eucantina.net

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