Celebration V: Fate of the Jedi Panel Report

The following is a report of the Fate of the Jedi panel from Star Wars Celebration V. Information was reported by EUCantina staff from the panel, via Twitter or email. Possible spoilers were included in this report.
  • Book number 9, "Apocalypse", by Troy Denning, is announced as final #FOTJ title.
  • "The Mandalorians went to the Super Bowl, they didn't win, and they need a new quarterback." - Troy Denning
  • The Mandalorians are settling in to what Troy Denning considers to be a "good role for them.
  • Troy Denning will not answer if Jacen was redeemed at the end of LOTF. He wants readers to decide.
  • The blurb at the beginning of Outcast might refer to Callista, but the authors won't reveal if it does until book nine is out. #SWEU #FOTJ
  • Wedge will strap on the gear and blast of again sometime, though it may not be in FOTJ, says Allston.
  • The outline for the ninth (and final) #FOTJ book was just approved.
  • Shapiro apologized for #FOTJ consisting of only hardcover books. The idea was to create consistency, but it backfired. She also noted they had no idea how bad the economy would be.
Source: @eucantina.net

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