Arc 3 of Blood of the Empire begins today!

Blood of the Empire So for those of us not currently enjoying Celebration 5 live, we get the first look of The Old Republic: Blood of the Empire's 3rd story arc!

It's been building to a head for a while now!  Witness the explosive next chapter of the Sith's saga!  Kel's mysterious vision quest comes to an end, and the results are astounding!  This weeks could even be my favorite issue of this series so far!  War is come to the Sith, the real question on everyone's lips: is Kressh following the Emperor's plan? Or does she truly have her own agenda? Plus when do you ever get to see a Jedi and Sith work together in the past like this?!  That's right, you don't!  So check this webcomic out!  It's free after all!

And for those of you who decided to wait for more issues of Blood of the Empire, now is a perfect time to jump into the fray!  Don't believe me?  Check out the full summaries below:

The Galaxy is at war.  The Sith Empire strike blow after blow against a Republic reeling from the return of its ancient enemies, and the Jedi scramble to defend their holdings.  But Imperial victory is far from certain...

Act 1: Shades of the Sith The war begins here! A Sith apprentice pitted against a Republic army; an alien slave caught in the crossfire; a mysterious true-blood on a journey through the crime-ridden streets of Peragus spaceport. These individuals will fall under the shadow of the Emperor and the Dark Council, and their actions will define the future of the Empire and the Old Republic.

Act 2: The Broken World Teneb Kel has received his mission from the Dark Council: Find and slay the Emperor's traitorous apprentice, Exal Kressh. But can one young Sith defeat a master of the dark side? And what are Exal Kressh's true plans for the Emperor and the Empire? Jedi, slaves and Sith alike clash in act 2 of Blood of the Empire.

Act 3: Burn the Future Through pain, suffering and the power of the dark side, Sith apprentice Teneb Kel has learned the nightmarish truth about Exal Kressh and the Children of the Emperor. Now he's faced with the challenge of turning that knowledge into a deadly weapon, and defeating an enemy who nearly killed him once already. The final confrontation between Teneb, Maggot and Exal approaches, as war rages across the galaxy! Teneb Kel, a fiercely clever young man apprenticed as a Sith, is selected by his masters for a secret mission—a mission concerning the Emperor himself and a threat to the Dark Lord’s thousand-year plan. Doomed if he fails, expendable if he succeeds, Teneb must unravel the schemes at work around him if he is to seize control of his destiny and alter the course of history. Set in the years before the Treaty of Coruscant and the establishment of peace between the great galactic powers, Blood of the Empire sets the stage for Star Wars: The Old Republic with new heroes, new villains and new revelations about the inner workings of the Emperor’s cabal.

The stage is set, The Old Republic is primed, what will come of the galaxy as these events play out?  You'll have to stay tuned to learn those secrets!  But never fear, EUCantina will bring them as soon as we find them!


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