Celebration V: Del Rey Panel Report

The following is a report of the Del Rey panel from Star Wars Celebration V. Information was reported by EUCantina staff from the panel, via Twitter or email. Possible spoilers were included in this report.
  • Came in and they were talking about Tim Zahn follow-up to Allegiance.
  • Drew Karpyshyn writing third The Old Republic novel.
  • Title of final FOTJ novel will be announced at FOTJ panel.
  • New Sunrider book coming. Also new standalone by Jeff Grubb featuring Hutts.
  • Summer 2012 - New Wraith Squadron by Allston. Paperback. (Note: Sue Rostoni says the new Wraith Squadron book is the replacement for Imperial Commando 2 that she hinted at in the publishing schedule.)
  • Thrawn will be in the new Zahn book. It's not about him, but he is a part if it.
  • Luke, Han, and Leia will not die until George Lucas gives the approval and the way.
  • For at least a couple of years, Del Rey does not want to do a series larger than a trilogy.
  • Holostar is a Dash Rendar thriller in which Han Solo appears.
Source: @eucantina.net

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