Celebration V: The Clone Wars Season 3 Panel Report

Update: The new "megatrailer" for Season 3 (as Dave Filoni called it) has been placed online by Starwars.com Watch it here. The following is a report of The Clone Wars season 3 revealed panel from Star Wars Celebration V. Information was reported by EUCantina staff from the panel, via Twitter or email. Possible spoilers were included in this report.
  • New battle droids shown for Season 3 of TCW. They were attacking Kamino with Ventress and Grevious.
  • The TCW team is so far ahead, that we're essentially playing Atari while they're on Xbox 360! They're already writing Season 5!
  • George Lucas wants to develop Ventress more. She has a pretty important story thread in Season 3.
  • Dathomir and the Nightsisters in Season 3!
  • Witches of Dathomir begin to attack Ventress, but are stopped by their "mother" in the clip.
  • According to George Lucas, the Dathomir Nightsisters (Witches) are not necessarily Force users
  • The electric bow is nicknamed the "awesome bow.
  • TCW really gets into the balance of the Force and The Chosen One in Season 3.
  • Dave says Ventress backstory will be explored. Dathomir clip heavily implied that Ventress is from there or has a past there.
  • Clip shown of Dooku being attacked by three Jedi assassins who are Force Cloaking (or so it appeared).
  • The characters, who had lightsabers, are not confirmed as Jedi, but they sure look like it. Dave doesn't clarify how they are invisible.
  • The characters attempt to blind Dooku with a dart while he sleeps, but he gets up and fights all three, even though he is disoriented.
  • Count Dooku has monogrammed PJs in Season 3. :P
  • "Grevious is a pretty big pawn, and he's a terrible character because you feel kind of sympathetic for him." - Dave Filoni
  • Reshowing Maul's brother clip. We now understand that the woman in the clip is a witch of Dathomir.
  • This character is gold and black, to not be confused with Maul.
  • Maul's brother doesn't talk very much, so when he does speak, you pay very close attention. He has great facial expressions.
  • Aurra Sing can not use the Force. She is a bounty hunter only. Dave basically said her previous backstory didn't happen.
  • Comedy is a huge part of Star Wars.  You have to have it.
  • TCW will run for as long as there is an audience.
  • Dave says there will be connections to the classic trilogy in season 3!
  • Catherine Winder has moved on from TCW. Cary Silver is the current producer.
  • Season 3 mega-trailer shown! Amazing trailer!!! Can't describe everything shown. Hopefully will be online soon
Source: @eucantina.net

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