Kemp Posts New Excerpt from Riptide

Paul S. Kemp, author of Crosscurrent, has posted a new teaser from the work-in-progress version of the upcoming novel, Riptide, on his website.
They’d all felt it, even the children, as the cloakshape fighter carrying them had blazed through the white hot aftermath of the starship’s explosion. Between the surface of the frozen moon and the safety of outer space had hung a cloud of smoke, flaming debris, superheated gas, and…something more.
Kemp states that posting these teasers keeps him "fully engaged with the book." This is the second short excerpt we've been provided; the first was the opening sentences of the novel. Riptide is the sequel to Crosscurrent, the novel released this past January. It is expected to continue the story of Jedi Knight Jaden Korr. Riptide is due out in July of next year as a paperback. Source: (via Club Jade)

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