SoloSound: New Releases: August 12th – 20th


Greetings EUCantina and Star Wars fans around the globe! Once more, proudly presents this week's new releases for your listening pleasure.

EUCast episode 98 was a fun filled show! In this fun episode hosts Mark, Austin, and William look at The Sith's pawn Asajj Ventress, and her training. (Or lack thereof), and Forum Member Elyse (You know, Mara. We had to have her back on!) comes on for another Character Corner segment covering Etain Tur-Mukan, and helps us discuss and speculate on another fan favorite; K'kruhk!

Nathan's had some time on his hands this month and busted out his 3rd edition of The EU Review: The Obscure Side. This time he addresses Star Wars: Ewoks! (You've got to remember those fluffy lovable carnivorous Ewoks!)  Nathan once more brings it to light. Come listen as the EU Guru once more blows your mind.

The EU Review released their August 2010 episode where they discussed Fatal Alliance, Legacy Volumes 1 & 2, and more!

And not wanting left out on all the Star Wars action, We Talk Clones recorded their Celebration Five episode! They were so amped to get the word out they did it live at CV!

So click a link and come on over to SoloSound to check out the Star Wars podcast action! This week covers August 12th- 20th: The EU Review: Episode 8- August 2010 We Talk Clones: Celebration Five Recap The EU Review: The Obscure Side 3 EUCast #98 - The Calm Before the Storm Source:

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