Quinlan Vos to Appear in The Clone Wars

vos_cardQuinlan Vos, one of the most well known characters from the EU, is set to appear in The Clone Wars: Season 3. The upcoming The Clone Wars action figure line from Hasbro will include Vos, and an image of him in the recognizable The Clone Wars animation style appears on the packaging. No information on the role Vos will play has been revealed. Quinlan Vos was originally slated to appear in the episode "Bombad Jedi" from Season 1 of The Clone Wars, but at the time his character model was not possible for several reasons. This was not the first time the famous Star Wars comic book Jedi was cut from a script; George Lucas originally included Vos in Episode III, but the scene was never filmed, and an actor was never cast. Lucas has a major influence on The Clone Wars, and is likely taking the opportunity to explore the character he was fascinated with. The addition of Vos to The Clone Wars is just one of the many EU influences that will play a part in season 3. At Celebration V it was announced that Delta Squad, Dathomir, and the Nightsisters will all appear, and the backstory of Asajj Ventress will be explored. Vos can be added to the list of Jedi known to be getting their first screen time on the show in the upcoming season, including Shaak Ti and Saesee Tiin. Source: Yakface.com (via @avgoins)

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