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Well EU fans, are you excited? You should be! The first issue of the soon-to-be-hit comic Star Wars: Blood Ties: Jango and Boba Fett is now within your reach at a local book or comic store near you. And if having tales of the Fetts in print again wasn't sweet enough, this issue's Letter from the Editor, fittingly titled "Written in Blood" by Randy Stradley quickly discusses the next Blood Ties miniseries! Here's what he said:

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(Caution mild spoilers ahead)

"This was going to be a one-off miniseries about Jango and Boba Fett, but after working together for just one issue, writer Tom Taylor and artist Chris Scalf decided decided they wanted to continue the collaboration. So, next year you can look forward to another Blood Ties miniseries featuring another set of famous (or infamous!) Star Wars characters who share a blood bond."

Blood Ties: Jango and Boba Fett 1 (of 4) starts out from Boba Fett's point of veiw, some time in his future. He's clad in the green Mandalorian gear we all know and love from the classic trilogy and in a bit of a spot with some very bad people. He reflects how as a child his father Jango had banished all fear from him by making him retrieve a tooth from a Balyeg, a beast that makes a Rancor look like a toy nerf (see picture below). The best part - Jango ups the ante by spraying young Boba in prey scent, making Boba a tasty smelling treat!

With a father like this, who needs enemies?Blood Ties: Jango and Boba Fett 1 (of 4)

Though when it all is said and done, perhaps Jango was right; maybe Boba had faced the most terrifying thing in the galaxy that day, the experience hardening him like tempered Beskar'gam. The comic sets up a great ending which will have you crying for more! While the story for the most part remains in the "past", the mission will obviously have ramifications for Boba later in the issues to come. The Fetts get an assignment from Lord Tyranus to take out a target with sensitive information about the operations at Kamino, and must be removed from the galactic playing field. The mysterious target's identity is revealed on the last page with a continued bar interrupting all the excitement! (I can't spoil everything after all.) Head out and get yours or click the link below and order yours! You won't regret it.

Also out later this week, Blood of the Empire,'s second free webcomic series set in The Old Republic [TOR] era, continues with issue #10, which should be released this Friday. It is also the second issue of the Burn the Future arc. Can't remember what issue #9 was about? Here, check it out our last post about it.

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Star Wars: Blood Ties — A Tale of Jango and Boba Fett #1 (of 4) Blood of the Empire #10 (free webcomic) [out this Friday] Source:

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