Blood of the Empire #10 is online!

The Old RepublicWith Arc 3, Issue #2 of The Old Republic: Blood of the Empire,'s free webcomic, the answers you've been waiting for are finally revealed! Exal Kressh has brought destruction to her Emperor. Korriban is under siege and Exal plans on destroying everything her Master has spent centuries to plan. (Yeah, she said centuries, so that baby-faced Sith Emperor has been doing some spirit transfer it appears.)

Teneb Kel is looking more and more like the Sith we can all love. Last issue he teams with a Jedi Master to save trapped citizens in exchange for more information on Exal. This issue we see him tell his "slave", Maggot, that he has never seen him as a slave, but more as a loyal companion, and that if he dies while facing Kressh Maggot is to take the ship and live his life free. (Not something I expected the young Sith to say.)

And Maggot gets a turn at some extra character development too! Last issue while Kel was partnering with the Jedi Master, Maggot was engaging the Jedi's Padawan in conversation on Kel's ship. This issue once more makes good use of the side characters to further the over all story and plot. When things seemed to grow more mysterious in the last arc, arc 3 is all about answers. Stay tuned to this series, because I have a feeling this arc will be one heck of a blow out for the Sith!


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