Weekly EU Releases: August 26th – September 1st

Weekly EU ReleasesHave you hit your local comic store this week? If not, you might want to head down and see what's been going on! This week Legacy offers its first issue for $1! You can get the comic that started a whole new end of the Star Wars timeline for just one buck!  Unless you already have it, why not take this opportunity and get your issue today? Maybe you'd prefer a earlier time point to jump in? Well then, the free webcomic The Old Republic: Blood of the Empire might be right up your alley. Witness the internal struggles of the Sith Order! Years before the events in Sean William's Fatal Alliance, the Sith Emperor's apprentice all but openly declares war against her master and the rest of her fellow Sith. And if you really enjoyed Fatal Alliance, then you'll also enjoy The Old Republic: Threat of Peace #3 (of 3). This comic is also one of the free webcomics offered by SWTOR.com. With Threat of Peace finally reaching its end in print form, make way for Blood of the Empire as it will continue where Threat of Peace ended in print. Just be sure to remember that Blood of the Empire comes first chronologically!

Also out this week we had the junior reader novels The Clone Wars: Jedi Heroes and The Clone Wars: Planets in Peril, as well as the Clone Wars Digest Clone Wars: Hero of the Confederacy. So jump up and go place an order, or find a friend who has more Star Wars books and comics then you and catch up!

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Blood of the Empire #10 (free webcomic) Star Wars: Clone Wars: Jedi Heroes Star Wars: Clone Wars: Planets in Peril The Old Republic: The Threat of Peace #3 (of 3) Star Wars: Legacy #1 (Reprint "1 for $1" promo) Star Wars: Clone Wars: Hero of the Confederacy

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