LucasFilm Registers Trademark for “Star Wars The Old Republic” Online Game

On July 3rd, 2008, LucasFilm filed for trademarks for the following:
  • Star Wars The Old Republic
  • Star Wars Sagas
  • Star Wars Legends
The trademarks have been registered for "Entertainment services provided on-line by means of global and local area networks, namely, providing interactive computer game software, interactive video game software and interactive computer games and interactive video games, all on-line by means of global and local area networks" You can view a screenshot of the trademark for "Star Wars the Old Republic" here. It is important to note that these trademarks were registered in the same way as the trademark for "Star Wars Galaxies". These are officially registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It appears that at least one of these titles may be used to create a new online Star Wars game. "The Old Republic" title makes me think about that KOTOR MMO everyone's been talking about. Update: In a forum on, a user has posted that he took a survey on about a Star Wars MMO called Star Wars: The Old Republic. He lists some of the features described in the survey here. This post was made long before the names from the trademarks surfaced.  Source:

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