Filoni Talks about Ahsoka Using a Shoto, Slave I Returning

media-news-v2Fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars know that one of the series' main characters, Ahsoka Tano, uses a reverse grip when fighting with her lightsaber. It has also been known, however, as far back as October of 2008, that Anakin would be changing that as he trained her. Now, on the verge of Season 3 and straight from director Dave Filoni, we learn how he will be. In this special video with Dave, he hints that Ahsoka will be using a Shoto blade in the third season of The Clone Wars. This style should be well known to Expanded Universe fans as one that has been used by famous Jedi such as Luke Skywalker, and even further back by great Jedi Guardians such as Kavar, as an advanced fighting style. Dave also mentions that Ahsoka will use two lightsabers at the same time. Cartoon Network has more videos from Dave, and you can view them using the links below. Source: Cartoon Network (Thanks, Aaron!)

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