Riptide Weekly – Excerpts from Paul S. Kemp

book-news-v3Over the past several weeks, author Paul S. Kemp has been treating us with a few small excerpts from his upcoming novel Riptide. Kemp has been posting these on his website and Twitter accounts, usually on Friday. We will post his excerpts in this article once he releases them. Just remember that these are most likely from an early draft, since Riptide doesn't come out until July of next year.

Perhaps she had been the Power once, but self-awareness had separated her from it. The price of her sentience was solitude.
“Indeed,” Grandmaster Skywalker said. “The dark side is at work through more than the clones. Be careful, Jaden.”
Soldier wanted to believe, wanted to find purpose in the fact of his creation, but belief melted in the heat of his reason.
They’d all felt it, even the children, as the cloakshape fighter carrying them had blazed through the white hot aftermath of the starship’s explosion. Between the surface of the frozen moon and the safety of outer space had hung a cloud of smoke, flaming debris, superheated gas, and…something more.
Jaden kneeled, a penitent at prayer, as blood leaked from his temple and the shrieks of an alarm rose and fell in time with the lurid flashes of overhead lights. He swallowed, put a hand to his head, felt the blood, the small hole there. The rapid flashes made his movements appear herky-jerky, not his own, the stop-starts of a marionette in unpracticed hands. His body ached. His head felt as if someone had driven a nail into it. And he had no idea where he was.
Riptide is the sequel to Crosscurrent, the novel released this past January, and is due out in July 2011 as a paperback. Source: Kemp's Twitter

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