Blood of the Empire #11 is Online!

The Old RepublicToday, Arc 3, Issue #3 of The Old Republic: Blood of the Empire continues where Issue #2 left off. Answers to the Riddle of The Sith Emperor come fast in this issue, as well as a possible character death or two. As Kressh and Kel clash sabers in a Sith verses Sith battle, Kressh explains her actions, and her answers don't help.

The more Kressh tells Kel about the Emperor's plan, the more it is clear to the reader that the Emperor-- who is rumored to be centuries old already and yet still is baby faced-- is a enigma all to his own. And how did Kressh escape his control anyway? Time will tell.

What is great about this issue is the art work. Kressh and Kel's characters are drawn in a way that catches the eye and makes you wonder what the next page holds. When I got to the end I was saddened to know I'd have to wait for the next, and last one of this particular series. What will the TOR (The Old Republic) webcomic line bring next? My guess is they will continue to tell exciting tales in this boiling point of the Star Wars Expanded Universe timeline. Either way, catch up now before the end is here. Though you can always wait to get this free webcomic when it comes out in print, but it'll cost you $2.99. Your choice, do what must be done!


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