EU Action/Reaction (Fall Annual): Death in the EU

The Final Act of the Big Three

Man, I bet Matthew Stover is still kicking himself for ever mentioning that he would love to write the final story of Luke, Han and Leia. In fact, I still find it hard to believe that there are Star Wars fans out there who are still hungry for more death in the EU. I'd argue that when you use deaths to string a story along, the end result is a huge disappointment. Look no further than Legacy of the Force. In fact, Fate of the Jedi is proving right now that authors don't need huge deaths to tell a decent story.
Luke, Leia, and Han

Luke, Leia, and Han

You see, I will never support a "final adventure of the Big Three" story. Never ever. I'm sure the day will come, way down the line, when Lucas or the next person in charge of the Star Wars franchise will want some extra money and publicity - the kind that can only be gained by telling this story. And let's be honest: it'll be a huge multimedia event with every kind of tie-in imaginable. But the biggest problem with making a "final" story is that it will, inevitably, be mired in sadness. Our heroes have lived through so much, so what ending could finally do them justice? Some will want them to go out with a bang, putting a stop to a huge threat akin to the Yuuzhan Vong, while others will want them to simply live out their lives in some semblance of peace. When it comes to death, it's no easy matter to make everyone agree on a perfect ending - as we've seen with Anakin Solo, who has nowhere near the level of exposure that Luke, Han and Leia have. These are some of the biggest pop culture icons in history. I'm not saying that they shouldn't die. It's just not something I want to see. It will be preachy, sad, wistful and ultimately unneeded. I mean really, who wants to see their childhood heroes die? I don't. So there you have it. Take a deep breath, because this very sad trip through the Expanded Universe is finally at an end. But now I want to hear from you. What EU deaths have stuck with you? Which deaths still make you choke up, and which deaths still infuriate you to think about? Leave a comment, or hop on Twitter and the forums and join the discussion! Just remember that death, even fictional, can be a sensitive subject - so let's at least try to be respectful. I hope you enjoyed this special Fall Annual edition of EU Action/Reaction, and I'll be back to the regular column format next week!

- Chris

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