Tom Hodges Discusses The Clone Wars Webcomic

media-news-v21Tom Hodges, the man behind the story and art of the latest The Clone Wars webcomic, recently took part in an interview with Club Jade. Tom discusses The Valsedian Operation, the creative process involved in the webcomic, and the teamwork needed to make it happen. You can read a short selection from the interview below.
Tom - Originally, “The Valsedian Operation” was going to be a summer story. It was going bridge the gap of Season 2 and 3. What really wound up happening is we (Pablo and I) were both so busy with things like Celebration V, San Diego Comic Con, Grant Gould’s schedule (he’s coloring this story) and all the other randomness of work and life that Pablo just decided to bring it out as the Season 3 webcomic. I asked Pablo if I could take a crack at writing the summer comic. He had so much going on that he said to go for it. I had already had something in mind and being it would have been a summer comic, I was able to use characters like Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka as well as other Clone Wars regulars like Rex and Cody. It also gave me a HUGE opportunity to actually write a Star Wars story and flesh out not only Keelyvine Reus, Tyzen and Ganch but the RSO. I sent Pablo the story outline, after some tweaking this and removing that, we had an approved story.
You can read the first installment of The Valsedian Operation here, and remember - it's free! Source:

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