Clone Wars Webcomic: Season 3 continues!

Season 3 of the Clone Wars animated television series has started and so has the companion free webcomic! Today issue #2 of the webcomic hit the net at If you still haven't had a chance yet, go check out this fun series by Pablo Hidalgo and Thomas Hodges. Pablo wrote the story for the first two seasons of the webcomic and this third season Thomas Hodge takes over and Pablo handles script. Today's issue picks up where #1 left off, and the Jedi are in conference with Chancellor Palpatine regarding the Hutt clans, more importantly a cousin of Jabba himself, one Torpo, who has brokered a deal with the CIS. With the potential of the Valsedian Asteroid Belt being sold by Torpo to the Separatist army, the Jedi launch a secret investigation.  How do Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-wan get caught up in this mission without Republic support? Well I'm not giving away all the secrets! And to be honest I couldn't even tell you how those Jedi manage to be everywhere at one time. So you'll have to read this one for yourself and try to place it in the time-line. It should follow along with events coming up on season 3, but who knows when those stories that tie with this will be aired. But who cares right? We're here for the ride! So climb in and strap down, it's going to be a bumpy ride! So check them out today! They are FREE after all. Clone Wars Webcomic Season 1 Clone Wars Webcomic Season 2 Clone Wars Webcomic Season 3: #1 Clone Wars Webcomic Season 3: #2 Source:

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