Kemp Signed for Star Wars Duology

Update: Sue has now confirmed that the duology will be in hardcover. Original Story: Sue Rostoni has announced on the forums that Paul S. Kemp will be writing two new Star Wars novels in the future.
We've signed Paul Kemp up for a duology -- I don't have any other information I can reveal at this time. We're not sure of the pub dates yet....nor the format (hardcover or paperback)... so no questions as I have no answers.
Kemp had announced earlier this week on Twitter that he had signed the contract for a new (hardcover, according to the tweet) duology, but did not reveal that it was a Star Wars tie-in at the time. This contract sets Kemp up for four Star Wars titles in the future. He is currently writing Riptide (the sequel to his first Star Wars novel, Crosscurrent), as well as Deceived, a tie-in for The Old Republic. Both of those titles are due out in 2011. We will keep you updated on more information as it is released. Source:

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