Latest Update on Heir to the Empire Anniversary Reprint

Update: We were given some more information regarded the 20th anniversary edition of Heir to the Empire today. First, Del Rey made it clear that Timothy Zahn would be writing the annotations, and is in fact already hard at work. Sue Rostoni (responding to a question on the forums - it pays to ask!) has said that they are "looking into some variations of a special cover." You can read about the announcement of this special hardcover edition below.

Heir to the Empire

Original Story: The 20th anniversary edition of Heir to the Empire has now been officially announced on, and they've told us a little more about it.
Next year, Del Rey Books will celebrate the 20th anniversary of this landmark novel with an anniversary edition of Heir to the Empire. The hardcover release will include insightful annotations on the text, as well an exclusive short story by Timothy Zahn featuring his most famous Star Wars creation, Grand Admiral Thrawn. The book is slated for release in June 2011.
The book currently has a release date on Amazon of June 21. Source:

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