No traditional “Star Wars” crawl in The Clone Wars

If readers of EUC recall, last week we showed you a review of the upcoming "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" movie.(Here) You may have noticed that the author of the review mentioned that the movie had no traditional opening crawl, but rather something else, which he declined to comment on. Well, thanks to the MTV Movie Blog, we know what and why. Dave Filoni told the MTV Movie Blog that the reason the crawl wasn't included was: “Because we originally developed this as a TV series, George [Lucas] felt that the crawl wasn’t going to be effective as a way to introduce the audience to the TV series,” director Dave Filoni said of the ‘Star Wars’ crawl, the distinctive prologue which has begun every single feature adventure so far. “He wanted it to be faster and he wanted to do it visually.” However, that doesn't mean there will be nothing. The crawl has been replaced with a “Starship Troopers” esque newsreel trope, complete with 1940s style radio announcer. For information on the crawl replacement, check out the MTV Movie Blog article here. Remember, the Clone Wars is due out next Friday, August 15. Source: MTV Movie Blogs (via)

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