Reports of 12 New Star Wars Comic Series in 2011 False

Star Wars comic book fans were excited, or perhaps apprehensive, when reports surfaced online this morning that Dark Horse Comics would be releasing a new Star Wars series each month in 2011. Any reaction to this news appears to have been premature. Randy Stradley, editor at Dark Horse, has informed me that these reports are false. He says:
At best, my proposed schedule had eight new Star Wars series (and "new" includes the next arcs of existing series like Star Wars: Invasion and Dark Times) total. Spread across the year. Some things on that schedule have already started to move, though none (so far) have fallen out of 2011. But there was never a plan for twelve new Star Wars series in 2011.
The original word out of  the Diamond Retailer Breakfast meeting at the New York Comic Con was that "Dark Horse announced that as part of their 25th Anniversary year in 2011...they will launch one new Star Wars comic book series every month for the entire year." But Randy assures me that "Either the report was wrong, or somebody on our end got way over enthusiastic", and he thinks the former is more likely.

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