Move over Holostar…Shadow Games is Final Title

The chance to pick the new title for Holostar has passed. This new thriller by Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff seemed to no longer fit with the working title Holostar and the authors turned to fandom. The presented titles were: Star Wars: Shadow Games, Star Wars: Pursuit, and Star Wars: Shadow Play. Not everyone was thrilled by these title choices, feeling that Holostar by far outweighed these new proposed titles. Though the Star Wars Books Facebook page clarified by commenting:
Just wanted to let you all know WHY we're changing it from Holostar: Mike and Maya have written a more traditional-thriller than a straight-up adventure, and we think something with a bit more edge will drive this point home. Believe me--this is a cool story (and the first Star Wars novel I got to edit), and I think one of these three titles really fits in better with what's going on. (DP)
So with this contest knowledge and a chance to apply their opinions, fans the world over cast their vote. The winner is..... Star Wars: Shadow Games! Thanks to everyone who cast their vote, and to the powers who let the fans once more add their opinions and make a difference in a galaxy far, far away. Source: StarWars Books Facebook page

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