Weekly EU Releases: Oct. 10th – 17th

The long awaited Knight Errant series has arrived! Now you can own John Jackson Miller's latest addition to the Star Wars universe! The first issue comes in two different editions, each with its own exclusive cover. Also out this week is The Making of The Empire Strikes Back.

Knight Errant: Aflame #1:
More than one thousand years before Luke Skywalker, a dark age grips the galaxy as an ineffectual Republic abandons entire systems to Sith control. A newly knighted Jedi on her first mission, eighteen-year-old Kerra Holt has joined a band of Jedi volunteers traveling deep behind enemy lines, with no support from the Republic and little chance of survival. She thinks she is prepared for anything. She's wrong.
The Making of The Empire Strikes Back:
In this lavish thirtieth-anniversary tribute to the blockbuster film Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, New York Times bestselling author J. W. Rinzler draws back the curtain to reveal the intense drama and magnificent wizardry behind the hit movie; without a doubt the fan favorite of the Star Wars saga.
After reading Knight Errant #1, I have to tell you: rush out and get this one! Don't wait for it to come out in trade; this story is pretty intense right out of the gate! It sets up the story perfectly in the first issue, and I'm already wondering what the next issue has in store for us! The decision to lead these new eras with comics first began with Jedi vs Sith, then Blood of the Empire and Threat of Peace. Now, with Knight Errant, we once again get a good visual representation of the state of the Republic and get the chance to meet some new characters. Kudos to the marketing team for thinking up this winning strategy! Don’t have your copy yet? Click the links below to purchase yours. Knight Errant: Aflame #1 Knight Errant: Aflame #1 Variant Cover The Making of The Empire Strikes Back

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