Weekly EU Releases: Oct. 17th – 24th

What does your local book and comic store have for you this week? Two new DK Reader books; Clone Troopers In Action, which follows Clone Troopers seen from Attack of the Clones, and Blast Off!, where kids can learn about characters and creatures from Star Wars! Maybe that's too "Padawan" for most of you 'readers' out there; well you're in luck then!

Our next two releases this week were aimed at the older generations of fans, and did we mention that they are freeClone Wars: The Valsedian Operation has hit Issue #5 already, so if you haven't read this one, it's time to catch up! John Jackson Miller has once more brought fandom a new tale from a time when Sith were Legion; Knight Errant: Influx, a prequel to his recent Knight Errant: Aflame #1. Check out these free projects today!

Don’t have your copy yet? Click the links below to purchase yours. DK Reader: Star Wars: Clone Troopers in Action (PB and HC) DK Reader: Star Wars: Blast Off! (PB and HC) Star Wars Knight Errant: Influx (Free Prelude Short Story to Comic) Clone Wars: The Valsedian Operation #5 (Free Webcomic)

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