Shapiro Discusses End of FOTJ and Beyond

Shelly Shapiro, Editor at Large at Del Rey, talked to the Fictional Frontiers podcast at Star Wars Celebration V in August. Though the interview is just now making its way online, her comments are not outdated, and reveal her thoughts on the end of Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi and the time period that will follow. I've transcribed these remarks after the cut. You can listen to the full interview here. Shapiro was asked about which future Star Wars projects she was excited for. After mentioning the The Old Republic novels, she moves into the time period between FOTJ and the Legacy comics.
We're slowly starting to think about what happens - this is really exciting - what happens between the end of Fate of the Jedi and the Dark Horse Legacy series. You know, we've got about a hundred years to cover, so what happens between Ben Skywalker and Cade Skywalker; how do we link it up? And that is super exciting.
On the conclusion to the FOTJ series (remember, this interview was done in August), she says:
We are just now hammering out the details of the ending of the Fate of the Jedi, and I have to say that I am way more excited by that now than I thought I would be. It is going to be an absolutely awesome ending, which of course means there's a great jumping off point for the future, for future books.
She also talks about some of the Star Wars book projects she wish had gone better, like the original Clone Wars novels that were started with Matthew Stover's Shatterpoint. She states that they were all great books, but were not as successful as they had wanted them to be. On the New Jedi Order, she says:
It turned out to be really successful, so I don't really regret it, but the New Jedi Order wasn't what we, what I wanted it to be . . . it ended up being more of a soap opera, you know, one book leading right into the next.
The interviewer then asks about the Solo family, noting that they have had a rough time lately, and wondering if we may see a light at the end of the tunnel. After a moment of hesitation, Shapiro simply replies "Yeah" and laughs. Again, you can listen to the entire interview here. Source: Star Wars Books Facebook

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